Usage Tips

How do I add restriction enzymes?

If you wish to use a restriction enzyme that is not in the default set of enzymes supplied with Sequencher, open a project and highlight the fragments or contigs for which you wish to specify a new enzyme.  Select the Specify Restriction Enzymes option from the Window menu and check the Allow changes checkbox.  You can then use the New Enzyme button to create a new enzyme record.  Click the Done button when you are finished. 

Does Sequencher import Vector NTI files?

Yes.  Starting with Sequencher version 4.9, MA4 files with all of their associated features can be imported.  Starting with Sequencher 4.10.1, Contig Express files can also be imported along with their associated features, quality scores, and trace data. 

How do I import features from a GenBank sequence into Sequencher?

Sequencher imports all GenBank features with a defined range, including joined features, as editable features in Sequencher. To import any individual or concatenated sequence into Sequencher, use the IMPORT > SEQUENCES command.

Where can I find some example scripts to run Sequencher using AppleScript commands?

We have prepared some sample scripts to help you get started using AppleScript with Sequencher. Click here to download a zip file with several examples. If you develop scripts of your own that you'd like to share with the community, we'd be happy to pass them on. Contact us at