Why is Sequencher in Viewer Mode?

Sequencher can launch or go into Viewer Mode (no printing, saving, copying, exporting, reporting) for any of the following reasons:

If your automatic evaluation license of Sequencher fails.  

If you have a standalone license and your license is tied to a USB hardware key and Sequencher has lost communication with the key, then you’ll be switched to Viewer Mode. Check to make sure that the key is still plugged in and lit.  Try restarting Sequencher.

If you have a network license and either your license was revoked by an administrator or the Sequencher Server shut down or lost network communication with your workstation, rather than quit, Sequencher switched to Viewer Mode.  Check with your server administrator to inquire about your license issue.

If you attempt to launch to get a network license and all licenses are in use.  You will be asked to be added to the queue and if you respond affirmatively, you will be notified when a license is available. 

If there is still a problem validating your license, please contact Gene Codes Technical Support.

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