Sequencher 5.4 is now available!

Gene Codes announces the release of Sequencher 5.4.  This new release adds features to Sanger, NGS and RNA-Seq analyses such as:

  • Expanded Cufflinks suite with the addition of Cuffquant and Cuffnorm.  Sequencher 5.4 also has replicates functionality with a unique Conditions and Replicates Editor for Cuffdiff and Cuffnorm.
  • Enhanced RNA-Seq visualizations with custom sorting and filtering options.
  • View and save quality scores and metadata of your NGS raw data files with FastQC reports.
  • Generate Variant Calling Files (VCF) to flag variants in your NGS alignments using SAMtools.
  • Updated version of GSNAP which runs faster and has additional alignment modes.
  • An updated External Data Browser for organizing both DNA-Seq and RNA-Seq projects.
  • Sequencher Connections has improved organization and usability.