I just got a new computer and now my license doesn't work, what can I do?

If you have a standalone license that was locked to your old computer, you’ll need to get a new license file that’s based on the machine configuration of your new computer.  Please contact Gene Codes Technical Support at support@genecodes.com for help with this.

If you have a standalone license that is locked to a USB hardware key, you’ll need to attach the hardware key and either install the license file onto the new computer or enter your original activation key in the Sequencher license manager wizard to get the license file installed.  If you need assistant, please contact Gene Codes Technical Support for help with this issue. 

If your site has a network version of Sequencher, you’ll need a Sequencher Client License file on your new computer in order to obtain a license.  Contact your System or License Administrator to get help with obtaining a client license file.  Then, launch Sequencher, select Activate Sequecher and then Install License... from the Sequencher License Manager dialogue.  Browse to and select the license file, and then follow through to get the license installed.  

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