FastQC Quality Control Reports

Before you start out aligning your data, stop for a moment and consider. Wouldn’t you like to know how good your data is? Well, now you can with FastQ Quality Reports. We have integrated the popular FastQC program into Sequencher. Launched from Sequence > Analyses > FastQ Quality Report…, you can get results on up to 12 different metrics. From ‘Per base sequence quality’ to ‘Kmer Content’, and from ‘Sequence Duplication Levels’ to ‘Overrepresented sequences’, the results are presented with an easy-to-understand traffic-lights system as well as more detailed graphics.


Each report is presented in its own window so you can review them side by side. Use the reports to monitor individual the quality of your data sets prior to assembly or to monitor quality over time. For more information on FastQ Quality Control Reports, check out the FastQ Quality Control Reports Tutorial.